Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The New Form of Printing That Will Change The World

The New Form of Printing That Will Change The World

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding printers as of late because the technology is undergoing a huge resurgence in functionality. Sure, the typical inkjet printer that has found its way into the home office has its place, but the need for just printing text and images is slowly changing. While it's highly unlikely that ink-jets are going to go anywhere anytime soon, they are slowly taking a back seat for a new demand that consumers have of the market. This new form of printing is ultimately set to change the way we think about printers altogether. I'm talking, of course, about three dimensional printing.

Imagine being able to print objects that can be manipulated, handled, and fashioned in some way in our lives. This is exactly what's made possible by three dimensional printing. Long gone are the days when printers were confined to just printing text, pictures, and two-dimensional “objects” on flat paper. It's now possible to bring our ideas to life in ways that weren't conceivable before. 

Of course, innovative technology will always be accompanied by a steep learning curve, but the fact of the matter is that these printers have been around for quite some time. Three dimensional printing has existed at industrial levels for decades, but is now becoming more commonplace within the residential market due to rising consumer demand for this technology in the home. 

Does this mean that those who aren't necessarily tech-savvy are out of the running when it comes to buying a three dimensional printer? Absolutely not. Because this isn't exactly new technology in terms of how long it has been around, there is already a community of knowledgeable experts who are more than willing to contribute their creations for the betterment of 3D printer owners worldwide. 

Do these creation come at a cost? Some of them do, but it's understandable when you think about it. Those with the best 3D printer skills will undoubtedly want to showcase what they're able to offer the global community, but aren't necessarily willing to give away their creations free of charge given the technical skill that's involved in creating a 3D model. There will be others who are indeed willing to give away their creations free of charge, which lets new printer owners begin their printing experiences immediately after hooking everything up and getting the drivers installed.

Three dimensional printing is definitely set to change the way we think about printers as a whole. No longer are we confined to sheets of paper. Now, it's only our imaginations that will confine creations through this medium. No, we shouldn't expect to create the largest of objects using home-based three dimensional printing techniques, but what's on the horizon for this technology is still relatively unknown. Things will definitely improve as time goes on, but it will be up to us to keep creating the objects that need to be printed. This will undoubtedly be the case with such a stable, but growing number of owners and users.

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